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Mamasugar need ben18 mzansi

On her part, Phomolo Masoetsa, slammed the ‘Ben 10’ culture as a criminal act.

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If I date a younger man, I get this feeling that I am also young and attractive, but if I am with an older man, I feel old and don’t have the freedom to experiment new thing like I could do if I were with a younger man,” she added.“There are some women who are in desperate need of love and passion.Such women will do anything to find love even if it means settling for a boy young enough to be her son,” he said.“I found him very kind and always well-dressed; that is what attracted me to him,” she said, and noted that on one weekend during December 2013, she bumped into the then 22-year-old while shopping in the South African town of Ficksburg.Tebello says they exchanged numbers and since then, have had a “solid, loving relationship”.In recent years, Lesotho has seen an upsurge in the ‘Ben 10’ culture.

The term is derived from a popular television cartoon character called Benjamin Tennyson—a 10-year-old boy who becomes a superhero after being rescued by his grandfather from a tree.

Tebello says she insists that the ‘Ben 10’ may not go out with any other woman because she fears her car might be “abused”.

She explained: “I have invested a lot in that young man and I don’t want to share him with anyone.

Such acts should not be encouraged at all as they destroy the cultural fabric of our nation,” Masoetsa said.

Masoetsa also said most women fall into the culture simply because they cannot accept themselves and who they are.

This fast-growing pattern of relationships might appear a little unusual for many, but for Tebello, there is nothing irregular about her association with someone 15 years her junior.