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power supplies) manufactured for them found a secondary use in other applications such as instrumentation.

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The early transistors that Honeywell's engineers used for the first transistorized circuits would not turn all the way off, so it wasn't possible to have a zero-to-whatever electrical current range with the leakage current."Fear not", said Marketing, we'll call it 'live zero', and sell it as a benefit.There is a long tradition dating from the early pneumatic instruments for a control range from 25% to 100%. One of the most important reasons was the need for a "live zero" for diagnostics. Regards cww In reply to Curt Wuollet: I believe we also had a discussion on this precise topic last year under the topic "NET: Current loop transmission rate".If you want to know why, look at the pressure vs travel curve for a flapper-nozzle. 20ma was indeed a common teletypewriter standard, although there were also some (older ones I believe) which used other standards such as 62.5ma.I should patch a driver for my laser printer just for the nostalgia.:^) Regardscww In reply to Curt Wuollet: While we are talking about old hardware, I have some old computer hardware that is rather interesting from a historical perspective.I have an S-100 bus computer that was used to control some machinery with multiple servo axes.

It is a Compupro 8/16 which has an 80 dual processor, a RAM expansion board, an M-Drive-H RAM disk board, a math co-processor board, a memory mapped video board (it used a graphics monitor as well as a terminal), 3 single axis servo boards, and various other hardware.

We are looking forward to the exciting climax KZK have in store for the series conclusion in May 2017.” The series has been cancelled following its 2017 run, with its third season set to consist of 10 episodes.

A premiere date for the final season has yet to be announced.

I possessed one of them for a while, but it went in a trade for some other long forgotten computer gear when I was playing with S100 bus machines and CPM.

I should have hung onto it, it would be soothing to slowly but steadily cover a couple feet from the big yellow rolls and listen to the whine of the punch.

The system was actually working at the time they scrapped it though.