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I have written blogs on why I don’t invest in seed/startup stage deals using convertible debt instruments.See: Angels: Convertible Debt Is Seldom the Right Security for Startup Investments and When is Convertible Debt the Right Instrument for Angel Investments?

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Philippe Gluntz, President of France Angels was honoured as the 2012 EBAN Angel of the Year, while the Finnish Business Angel Network (Fi BAN) was recognized as Business Angel Network of 2012.Government doesn’t even know they have failed until they suddenly don’t file a tax return for the year after they go out of business.: Much of what first-time entrepreneurs do is learned on-the-job. Financial entrepreneurs must learn product management. Very few first-time entrepreneurs have experience at running all aspects of a business. Successful entrepreneurs find advisor and mentors, but learning when and how to use advisors take time – time that is perceived as necessary to run the business. They must select the best possible team to get the job done.Once on board, the entrepreneur must manage those employees to effectively grow the company.Growth in revenues and profits enables the company to hire more employees (job creation).But, entrepreneurs have been thriving, and creating jobs, in America for more than a century, long before our federal government even acknowledged that entrepreneurs had a significant impact on job creation. Entrepreneurs have no government safety net and don’t want one.

Let’s enlighten our President: : Entrepreneurs risk their financial futures by starting companies. Government does not pick them up and dust them off and give them an encouraging word when they fail.

In addition to enjoying some delightful pubs and restaurants, the highlights of our Dublin sightseeing were visiting Newgrange, touring the Old Jameson Distillery and the live musical comedy “Legally Blonde.” In Northern Ireland and Ireland, I spent 19 hours in front of audiences, delivering eight lectures and workshops to 162 entrepreneurs and 190 angel investors.

We attended the twelfth annual Congress of the European Business Angel Network held April 23-24, 2012 at the Digital October technology entrepreneurship center.

In Estonia, I was in front of audiences for 21 hours, delivering 7 workshops and lectures and mentoring 12 entrepreneurs.

Audiences totaled over 380 entrepreneurs, investors and others.

That same afternoon, Fi BAN organized a two-hour workshop on Due Diligence in the offices of Pricewaterhouse Coopers.