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Omega liquidating trust

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The self-titled debut album was released in June 2002, produced by Carlos Creator, worldwide distributed and specially released for Japan by Mellow Music.

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February 2013 sees the band return with their most accomplished album to date, “Changes”.That album included also songs from Jason Becker, Tesla, Bonnie Tyler, Doro, Paul Gilbert, Paul Nelson, Kane Roberts, Jimmy Hendrix, etc, and was released worldwide.Airless second album, titled , was also produced by Carlos Creator and released by the Finnish Company Lion Music, with the Japanese edition again by Mellow Music.The seventh studio release marks the second CD with lead singer Andreas Novak, and is accordingly their best album so far.The band chose a small label, in order to maintain highest priority throughout the process, instead of falling between the lines in the hands of a bigger label.Airless toured and shared stage with bands like Tyketto, Dare or Riot.

is the title of their 3rd album that was released in December 2008, again by Lion Music.

This album has been a true pleasure and walk in the park to compose, since we’re immune to pressure. Fame and fortune should not be anybody’s goal – then it becomes an obstacle instead.

We just wanna play.” Melodic Still Rocks – The Best Of Melodic 1997 – 2007 Fergie Frederiksen: “In the world today there is a place where balance of Melodic Rock is a constant. You have supplied a consistent informational and entertainment tool for all of us who love this music. I and many others wish you the best in the years to come and can”t imagine a world without!

Very proud of the new songs and the new label behind it.

My first review ever was published on a still baby by Andrew. We grew together in this crazy business, and we survived without never compromise.

After almost 15 years, we are sure that this will be a great opportunity to take the band to another level.