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Online dating for gen

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The paper displays the findings of one of the most recent surveys of North American undergraduate students, which suggests that between 60% and 80% have had some sort of hookup experience.

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Platforms like Tinder – and its gay and lesbian counterparts, Grindr and Brenda – serve as time and money saving channels through which like-minded people can mutually benefit each other, without the charade of dinner and a movie. But the straight-to-the-point approach evidently leaves something to be desired for a substantial minority of young people who are more romantically inclined or simply uninspired by the prospect of anonymous sex.The researcher has found that marketing strategies will have to shift at a faster speeds than ever before when targeting Generation Z.In analyzing 500 sextillion social media interactions between brands and Gen Z consumers, ADI found these individuals prefer visual communications from marketers, namely Internet memes (“I, meme, mine” for a new generation).Forget banter at a table for two; Gen Y-style courtship is characterised by an endless exchange of suggestive emojis, a closet dedication to Facebook-stalking our crushes, and romantically ambiguous non-dates and group hangouts initiated by the seemingly-nonchalant-but-carefully-constructed “So, wanna hang out? For many Gen Y’ers, the traditional one-on-one date seems to have become a foreign and outdated concept.Social networking and online dating have contributed significantly to the reshaping of the singles landscape and cultural shifts in the mechanics of courtship.There are still some amongst us brazenly opting out and resisting the trend by embracing their inner romantic.

To those who indulged their partners with cliché expressions of romance, I salute you.

Gen Y’s matter-of-fact approach to relationships is a reflection of the society in which we were raised. But do claims about the death of romance – a concept so seemingly timeless – ring true?

Are we really a generation of emotionally stunted, romance-deprived, sex-fuelled zombies?

For better or worse, the advent of modern technologies and the decline of courtship and traditional dating have seen a transformation of the dominant approach to romantic relationships.

The pervasiveness of ‘hookups’, or uncommitted sexual encounters, among emerging adults was demonstrated by a 2012 piece titled Sexual Hookup Culture: A Review, published by the American Psychological Association.

In one sample of 507 undergraduate students, on average, both men and women reported positive attitudes following a one-night stand.