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Online dating sites for nigerians

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If I was to visit this site, up front, I wouldn't associate it with a site primarily aimed at Nigerians (at least I assume that's the aim).

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And you can pay for subscription by scratch i guess we can always applaud the progress of ur mother land but i must warn u fellas that this so called dating website are nothing but a front for scammers to work their magic so to speak, they don't care about you, all they want is ur wallet, it is quite sad to see , so be careful, rule of thunb, never send money to somebody u have never met, that always works.I just thought that others should know about it too. At least if looked at from the angle that Nigerians are expected to look at it from.The site has got to project a feel that says "oboy welcome o, this site na for Naijas by Naijas, make u quickly register so you go begin enjoy the boku boku things wey full this site oh!da_princess Thank you meet Nigerians,i have finally met and married my friend,lover and brother.i hope everyone who is looking for love will find long lasting and true love, thanks and God bless you all. I've found someone and we both agreed that there is no need for our profiles to be Online again.However, we'll send u our pictures and any other activities where we both appear.And at least, throw a splash of pidgin english here and there. If you want to get to them, get to them with a branding that screams NIGERIA! It cost nothing to dream while it cost everything not to dream. You wont do anything and when others do it all you can do is to criticize.

Make it typically and uniquely Nigerian, my brother. Extraman I want to encourage you to continue with what you are doing.

Many singles joining our site are bankers, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and executives.

Most members are doing well in their professional lives and are serious about improving their love life." currently the number one online dating website that caters mainly to people from Nigeria.

" and really, that visitor has got to feel really connected to your site and site's concepts.

I'm not saying you should make your welcome note pidgin, but let everything about this site be Nigerian. 71Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

It's the first online dating site to target Nigerians around the globe.