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Online dating sohbet

But what if I told you that not only did I see these films in 3D, but also completely FREE! That means I get to see movies weeks to months before the general public does.

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So follow these steps and you’ll be saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars like I have.Before you can do anything, you must first register on This is a site where movie studios, PR firms and other media partners coordinate with the general public by releasing RSVP codes.Besides radio stations, I recommend also signing up for your local television and newspaper website newsletters too.The job of a movie PR firm is to generate excitement about upcoming releases through marketing, articles, events and prizes. One of the largest firms is Allied Integrated Marketing.Why do movie studios want you to see their movies for free?

Mainly because of free word of mouth advertising and social media opinion sharing.

What isn’t advertised is that they also let people trade in points to get screener passes.

In order to find out when these hidden trade-ins occur, you either have to routinely check into the site or better yet, just subscribe to their newsletter.

At most screeners a studio representative may either ask people what they thought as audience members leave or have questionnaires to fill out.

By plugging in your zip code and a mile radius, you’ll be able to see what screeners are in your area.

Radio Stations around the country give passes away to the “X” caller every once in a while.