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Pages not updating on iphone

pages not updating on iphone-90

if you zoom in or out or rotate the screen or something to get the browser to react, the end of the animation will rectify itself after its been messed up. you can check out one project currently in progress where you can view see them problem, in safari or on iphone open the link, then click between "bird" and "big bang".

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They couldn't complete the update unless users remembered the original Apple ID and password used to set them up out of the box.According to a variety of posts from Twitter user and confirmed by my own testing, Apple’s App Store appears to be suffering from a handful of issues tonight. The issues most notably seems to be affecting Netflix and Snapchat.Additionally, users are reporting that they are unable to download select apps, with Snapchat and Netflix again being affected.The "top" property change is basically ignored when it is altered on the same frame as any transform property (rotation, scale, skew, etc.).The workaround, strangely enough, is to make sure you set a Webkit Backface Visibility to "hidden" on all your elements.It’s unclear what exactly is going on here, but Apple is clearly having some sort of server issues.

The odd part is, however, that not all apps are affected.

First, the company has released another build of i OS 9.3 specifically for the i Pad 2 to eliminate the activation bug.

Once that's been downloaded and installed, Apple's aging tablet should function normally once again.

If the device had switched accounts (or owners) at some point, that could lead to a serious headache.

So far, Apple has taken two steps to fix the unforeseen problems with i OS 9.3.

Some of Apple's older devices ran into trouble with the i OS 9.3 update released earlier this week.