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Pattinson and nikki reed dating

I might text him after this and say ' Hey, if you're ever thinking about tying the knot, you better make sure I'm there.'" Lutz admits that the beloved cast of , hit theaters in 2012."A lot of time has passed and people got married or have kids. "We still see each other, Hollywood's a small town. I keep in touch with about half of them." MORE: was a gathering of every cool kid of every group of high school," he explained.

But nonetheless is huge because it has been years since the two took a picture together, point out Hollywood Life.Nikki’s the most down-to-earth actress you’ll ever meet.Kristen acts like she can’t be bothered with fame, yet she lives for all the press about her and Rob."The thing with Rob, Kristen [Stewart] and even Nikki [Reed], they like doing stuff private," Lutz shared. No." WATCH: Scruffy Robert Pattinson Crashes a Wedding in Ireland!That being said, if the 30-year-old actor did happen to get an invite to Pattinson and FKA twigs' wedding, he'd be there.They just simply decided to spend a few seconds having their picture taken.

But Hollywood Lies rather sensationalize and stir the pot than simply report the basic facts.

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Things went cold between the two, way back in 2012, when reports started coming in of Robert Pattinson having cheated on Kristen Stewart, by having a secret affair with Nikki Reed, while shooting “Twilight”.

Nikki Reed is married to another onscreen vampire-playing actor, Ian Somerhalder, and both are thinking about starting a family soon. Vincent, Cara De Levigne’s ex-girlfriend, and from the kind of PDA they display everywhere they go, they seem to be blissfully happy together.

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"I love the guy to death and we always hang out when he's in town or I'm in town," he said.