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The official league file will be provided by the Commissioner during the regular season, playoffs and off-season. Therefore the United Football League will always try to maintain a Coaches Waiting List.In the event that a team doesn’t have a coach, their regular season and/or playoff games will be played by the Commissioner, a member of the Competition Committee or a designated owner until the vacant position is filled.

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A fascinating collection of amateur model nude clips with real life amateur beauties presenting themselves in solo scenes.The league rules are best described as an evolving document.So, when/should the need arise over time to reword some rule(s) in order to make it/them more clear and/or defined, or should a new game feature be created, or one changed, that needs to be accounted for or implemented into this document, please know that it shall be done so with only the best interests of the league in mind.If by Friday of a play week both coaches can’t agree on a day and time to play their game the coach unable to play needs to try to find a sub-coach via league-wide e-mail. Games not reported by the deadline - with no excuse - will be auto-played by the Commissioner.The following RULES and GAME PREFERENCES will be used: League Type – Draft League Two-Point Conversions Minutes/Quarter – 15 Play Clock: 40 Seconds Audibles - 3 Per Half Injuries – OFF Field Goal Miss Line – 20 Yard Line Kickoff Line – 40 Yard Line Goal Post Location – Goal Line Home Field Advantage: Set at 3 Penalties – Set at Realistic Weather Conditions - Real-Life Home Field/Month of Play Season Usage Penalties – Yes Game Usage Penalties – Yes Special Teams Usage Penalties – Yes Quarterback Usage Penalties – Yes Game Usage Settings – 110% Mild/115% Moderate/120% Major Season Usage Settings – 10% Mild/15% Moderate/20% Major Temporary Game Fatigue - 50% Fewer Game Era: Standard Offensive/Defensive Blend Trick plays are a part of football in any era.From time to time situations may arise that require guidance. Tardiness (not responding to requests to set a time for your game).

If a coach has not heard from you by Sunday night, they may seek a sub coach or play against the computer (least favorable option) at their discretion. Conduct that is insulting, demeaning or degrading is not acceptable. If you feel that this has occurred, please contact the commissioner immediately. Suspension from league Each member is required to own the latest version of the game and season disk being played.

This document is not the Constitution of the United States.

Thus, it does not require an Act of Congress to edit it.

This league exists to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship.

It is expected that all league members treat each other courteously and with respect.

Coaches are expected to contact their opponent with their availability no later than Friday of the play week. for a sub-coach attempts fail by Tuesday the coach able to play is allowed to play the game versus the computer coach or have the Commissioner auto-play the game.