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Positivesdating com

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It is the best, largest and most trusted online dating website for people who are living with STDs.Positive Singles allows its members to remain completely anonymous as they are not required to submit any information that they are not comfortable with.

As the number one community for people who are living with Herpes, AIDS, HIV or other STDs, Positive has provided their dating service for almost 14 years and brought much happiness to its members over the years.A dating website is nothing new, but has one unique difference: it is marketed towards those already in a committed relationship.“Life is short, have an affair” is the site's slogan and its founder, Noel Biderman, is a happily married man.Positives is an online STD dating site and was launched in 2004 in U. Different from Positive, the majority of members are HIV infected.Most members are from European countries and they joined in order to find new friends, soul mates or a match.(Source) Is the world forbidding your love affair with your dear cousin? In this website, cousin couples are provided support and factual information concerning cousin marriage.

They believe that the combination of this special intimacy and romance often make for a strong, beautiful, intimate, loving and extraordinary relationship.

Although the site has drawn heavy criticism, no one can deny that the business venture is a huge success, receiving roughly 1,800,00 visitors per month.

(Source | Photo | Via) With the help of terminally ill volunteers, this website is sending telegrams to people who have passed away.

There are hundreds of thousands of members on the Positive Singles site with an active membership of over 15,000, which see a yield of over 120,000 conversations per day.

The purchase of Positives increases its overall membership and gives STD infected people more opportunities to find their match and meet new friends.

This is called an "afterlife telegram." The $5.00 per word fee, depending on the wishes of the messenger, is either given to a relative, donated to a charity or used to pay for medical bills. Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of this website, believes so much in the crucial role of toilets in the history of mankind that he has been involved in a non-profit organization in the field of sanitation.