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Puke arina wal katha

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If, however, you have a fever, puke several times in a day, or puke for more than a day or two, your body might be telling you to see a doctor. And when you do, remember that you'll probably feel better very soon.

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''හරි සනීපයි සර්'' ''තව ඉස්සරහට මීට වඩා සනීප දැනෙයි'' මම තෙල් ටිකක් අතට අරන් පයියෙ ගාගෙන තවත් තෙල් ටිකක් පුකේ හිලට දැම්මා. Motion sickness — a sick feeling that some people get from riding in cars, boats, or airplanes — can sometimes be helped by eating a small snack before you start moving.If you know that trips to grandma's house make you feel yucky, ask your parents for some crackers or a piece of fruit before you hop into the car.''ඔහොම බෑ විමලා, ඇඳුම් ගලවන්න​'' එයා හිනා වෙලා ඇඳුම් ගැලෙව්වා.මම දොර වහල හෙලුවෙන් එයාගෙ පස්ස ප් ඇත්තෙන් වැතිරුණා. එයාට නොදැනෙන්න කුප්පියෙන් තෙල් ටිකක් අරගෙන පුක් දාරෙට දාල තට්ටම් වල අතුල්ලනව​.Opening the car window a bit and letting in some fresh air can also help prevent that pukey feeling.

If this doesn't work, talk with your mom or dad about medicines that might help motion sickness.

Jordan was just about to ask his best friend, Nate, for some advice, when Jordan felt like something moved inside his belly. Jordan felt like yelling too, but his nose was clogged and his throat burned so badly he could barely talk. Sometimes puke tastes bitter, sometimes it tastes sour.

Whatever you call it, it's the same stuff: mushed-up, half-digested food or liquid that gets mixed with spit and stomach juices as it makes a quick exit up your throat and out of your mouth.

Yaluwage Amma yaluwage amma mata tea ekak hadagena awa.

Mama eka bibi yaluwa ekka katha kara kara innakota uta uge kellagen cl ekak awa. Ammai Puthai Wal Katha aunty reply kala ada putha gedara innawa eyage yaluwekuth awilla kiyala.

Instead, stay calm and give the person a tissue if you've got one handy. Sometimes just having you nearby will help the person feel better.