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One is that a man should always pay for the first date, because he’s the one who typically initiates the dating and because in our culture, most people expect the man to pay.

You can explain that you don’t mind the idea of taking turns paying, but that sometimes you’d like to feel as if he’s treating you to a night out, just as he may appreciate if you occasionally treat him to something special.Dates can be expensive, and it can be an unfair burden on a man to foot the bill all of the time, especially when the woman he’s seeing can be just as able to share the costs as he is.Because of this, we think that it’s a good idea for a dating couple to speak about this subject once they have begun to build a relationship that’s moving forward.Others feel that we’re in a more egalitarian culture, and it’s fairer for a couple to split the tab or take turns paying.As for traveling, it may be fair to take turns traveling to each other’s neighborhoods for dates, or meeting midway, instead of one of them doing more of the traveling.Dear Rosie & Sherry, I'm a 27-year-old single woman.

There's something about dating that I just don't understand.

It’s important for you both to have a conversation about this subject.

You can take the lead by finding an opportune time and place and then discussing the goals each of you has for the courtship.

We think the main reason you feel this way is that neither of you knows where the relationship is going and where each of you stands.

Are you each hoping that this will lead to marriage?

That can be a good way to launch a discussion about what makes you feel special and how he’d like to feel special, as well as your attitudes about sharing expenses in the context of your relationship.