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Rodney alcala dating game pics

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But now donning a sharp, brown suit and butterfly collar, Alcala had other things on his mind: Winning the affection of bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw.

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Rodney Alcala, one of the most infamous serial killers in U. history, would eventually be arrested and sentenced to death in 1980 for the murder of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe.After host Jim Lange introduces "successful photographer" Alcala ("You might find him skydiving or motorcycling!"), Bradshaw asks him, "What's your best time?Cole, then 19-years-old, agreed to pose for the serial killer on the roof of a building.Another woman from California also contacted police believing she was one the people pictured.Alcala, who is sitting on Death Row in California for the murders of four women and a 12-year-old girl, is believed to have taken these photos during time spent in New York.

Cole met Alcala, also known as the "Dating Game Killer" on the Upper West Side in 1978.

Last month, Alcala, who is currently held at California State Prison, Corcoran, was charged in the 1977 cold case murder of Christine Ruth Thornton.

At the beginning of the Dating Game episode, Lange asks Alcala to say hello so Bradshaw can hear his voice.

The photo shows a smiling woman in jeans, a yellow blouse and flip-flops sitting atop a Kawasaki 500 motorcycle in a sage-studded desert.

“The picture, even if you don’t recognize her, is a distinct part of Wyoming recognizable to anyone from here,” said Dan Erramouspe, the Sweetwater County attorney.

Alcala won the game, hardly surprising given his unbridled outward charm.