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"This is still research; it is not to be recommended for clinical practice.

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Not a sure thing But there's not a lot of evidence that the hormone does anything else, says George Merriam, a professor and endocrine researcher at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Seattle. Stallone is taking his growth hormone shots to improve the way he looks without his shirt on, the benefits that he's talking about may be real," Merriam says.

But he says most studies have consistently shown that "there isn't improvement in physical or physiological performance." As for the anti-aging effects, it's based on the notion that growth hormone production peaks in adolescence.

In addition, physicians must do lab tests to prove that the person being treated is clinically deficient in growth hormone, says Richard Hellman, president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

That's true elsewhere in the world as well, which Stallone learned last year when he was caught smuggling 48 vials of it into Australia.

But despite years of research worldwide, no one "has yet been able to show that supplementing growth hormone improves the function of the body," Blackman says. Early symptoms are aching joints, fluid retention and swelling.