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Today with advance psychological science there are many other healthy ways of interaction which are more effective and without any human rights abuse.Sir Ivor Jennings, the first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya once said the fundamental task of higher education is to produce men and women who are capable of fulfilling any function in the world that may fall to their lot, citizens of high intelligence, complete moral integrity and possessing energy, initiative, judgement, tact, and qualities of leadership” (Jennings, 1948).

Local media reports in late October quoted an unnamed senior female cricketer, who claimed that team management and officials selecting players had asked women cricketers to have sex with them if they wanted to make the team.The student political groups use ragging as a weapon to control the new students and to indoctrinate them.There are unspeakable human right violations occurring inside the Sri Lankan universities and many university professors and other authorities maintain silence.Any citizen can petition the Supreme Court in terms of Article 126 of the Constitution in case of a human right violation.The Constitution highlights ruthless, brutal or contemptuous treatment to any party by another as a violation of human rights.COLOMBO: Sri Lanka's sports ministry said on Friday that an investigation had found evidence that members of the national women's cricket team had been forced to perform sexual favours for officials in order to earn or keep their places in the squad.

Sri Lanka Cricket, the controlling body for the island nation's most popular sport, ordered an investigation in November after reports emerged alleging officials had asked female cricketers for sex in exchange for being on the team.

These Constitutional constraints are equally applicable to those in schools, universities, or elsewhere, irrespective of age.

Any civil or criminal offences executed by them are liable to be punished and shall be produced before the relevant court and subject to suitable punishment after a trial and conviction.

Sri Lankan universities are full of violence and human right violations.

Ragging has paralysed the university education structure and discipline.

Only a handful of Western educated academics with their moral upbringing oppose ragging in our universities and they see the ruthless nature and gross human right violation in hazing.