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Now, to exit an order, you need to close your options position.

In review, there are two main ways in which you can participate in options, you can either buy an option or write an option.This enables the option seller to receive the premium paid by the buyer on the opposite side of the transaction.Selling to open allows an investor to be eligible for a premium as he is selling the opportunity associated with the option to another investor within the market.Check out mature women engaging in passionate lesbian sex with babes and even teens to get their juicy cunts eaten and to feel a strapon for the first time.Busty GILFs experimenting with dildos and vibrators on their hairy pussies and even BBW gals getting their holes fucked by perverts.In summary, a person holding a short position (contract writer) can sell to open (enter a contract) or buy to close (close a position).

A person holding a long position (contract purchaser) can buy to open (enter a position) or sell to close (close a position).

This puts the selling investor in the short position on the call or put, while the second investor takes the long position.

The investor shorting the position is hoping the underlying asset or equity does not move beyond the strike price as this can allow him to keep the stocks and benefit from the long investor's premium.

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In this case, the put seller may have a neutral to bullish view on Microsoft, and is willing to take the risk of the stock being assigned, or put, if it drops below the strike price in exchange for receiving the premium paid by the option buyer.