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The presenter, Maury, finally revealed that Ginger’s boyfriend had sexual relations with her own mother.

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Emotional infidelity is defined when one partner goes outside the primary relationship to get his or her emotional needs met — and it is more common and more damaging than you might imagine.He longed to share this kind of connection with her, but it wasn't there...and it never would be, as long as she was confiding in another man.One couple Milsy and Catherine took their chances with sea cucumber while duo Al and Kitty from Southampton answered with horny toad – which led host Alexander Armstrong into a frenzy.The presenter proved to be excited about the sex-obsessed creature and repeated the reptiles name three times. Relaying his quirky facts, the general knowledge guru said: "Not a cucumber and not a toad, although one does live in the sea and the other one is horny."The horny toad, which is actually a lizard, seemed to pay off as it scored a low 17 points.But a poll by the Huffington Post, in partnership with You Gov, indicates that this notion isn't true.

Only 48 percent of survey respondents would consider it cheating if their partner kissed someone else on the lips.

When my husband was in his first marriage, his wife would stay up late into the night talking to her best friend's boyfriend on the phone.

He would wake up and hear his wife laughing and talking about things she'd never shared with him before.

My husband told me that he was more hurt by his ex-wife's emotional infidelity than if she'd had sex with this other man.

We place an inordinate amount of importance on sex in a relationship, but it is really the emotional and not the physical connection that is so hard to build. Anytime you break an agreement with your partner, you undermine the trust and safety in your relationship.

Here, two relationship experts talk about this often-ignored issue for married couples.