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Shrine of love dating

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Her eyes closed for a brief moment from the brightness of the light.'The light switch must've been right next to my head the whole entire time...' she thought, her eyes slowly opening again. She had changed into her training outfit."Oh, Kami. ""Well, erm, it's heavy so no one will be able to carry it..." was all he could say back.Kagome found herself gazing into dark violet eyes."So you're the wench that Miroku's been talking about for the past few days," the boy stared back at her with a small grin. ""Wonder what that lech did this time," the boy laughed. "She stared after his figure, "So his name is Inuyasha..."DING... DINGMiroku let go of the rope that was attached to the huge golden bell and wiped his forehead."That looks like hard work," a voice said behind him."GAH! She giggled again, "Well, have any other students arrived yet?

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With a perverted cousin, a flirtatious instructor & a hottempered friend, will she survive there?Fwoosh Thwack Thwack Fwoosh Thwack Thwack Fwoosh Thwack'Hey, the pattern stopped,' Kagome thought. A shiver went up her spine."I-I'm Miroku's cousin," she stammered. "Sometimes I wonder why we would use such an expensive and beautiful thing to tell everyone what time it is.""If it's so expensive," Kagome looked at him with amusement.A hand suddenly slammed against the wall, beside her head. Kagome heard the boy chuckle and heard a small "flick" come from the other side of her head, the side that was near the door. "How come you're letting it stand in a corner of the shrine...where someone might be able to steal it at night while no one was watching?"And everything he's said about you is true..."Kagome blinked, "What? ""Oh, nothing," he brought his arm down and ran a hand through his long silky black hair. "Well, I guess I'll see you later, wench."With that, he walked out the door."It's KAGOME! ""No," he answered slowly."Did you put up any signs around town about this training thing? Miroku smacked his forehead with a hand, "I knew I forgot something...""You'll be the only student for today," Miroku led her to the shrine dojo.She blushed, 'He looks so hot...'Kagome then realized his black training outfit."You're wearing a black gi," she breathed. "I'm one of the instructors here."Suddenly, the sound of glass breaking was heard."INUYASHA! "But that's okay because you'll get all the attention."They stopped in front of a closed door."Well, here you go," he said cheerfully.Houshi shrine looked nothing like her shrine, Higurashi Shrine.

The roofs were elaborately carved and decorated at the top (you know those temple roofs?

You can go look around if you want.""Okay," Kagome smiled.

"I'll see you then."Kagome headed straight towards the pond and knelt down beside it.'It's so peaceful here...' she thought and dipped a finger into the clear water.-fwoosh-"I just heard something," she mumbled.

R&RDisclaimer: I'm only going to say this one time..that time is now because I don't want to say it over and over again at the beginning of every chapter."I, Waterlily216, do NOT own Inuyasha.

Never did and never will."Except for the Inuyasha DVDs and comics that I buy... : O: VOCABULARYHere are some terms in the story that you might not know: Shojis: those paper screened sliding doors used in Japanese houses (I don't know much about them...)Gi: a training outfit worn for martial arts..the white ones that people wear when they practice karate and all...

"Now stay, I'll be right back."Kagome blinked as he opened up one of the shoji's in the room and walked out."Where'd he-" she started.