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Sixey elep pic

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Then the empty brush is replaced by another loaded one, and the painting continues until the picture is complete.

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Speaking about the moment she first saw the holiday snap, Lisa said: 'I thought, "I'm bursting out of my skin.In addition to its exotic tropical gardens and orchid nursery, it boasts an impressive theatre where Thai boxing and highly sophisticated local folklore shows are performed.Next to this theatre there is a large, square arena for the daily elephant displays.Their future looked bleak and there was no hope of returning them to the wild.Then someone had the bright idea of setting up elephant sanctuaries where the animals could be shown to visitors for a small fee.The paintings are then removed from their frames and offered for sale.

They are quickly snapped up by people who have been astonished by what they have just witnessed.

Can they really paint pictures of flowers, trees and even other elephants?

Are they the only animals on Earth, apart from human beings, that can create pictorial images?

One of them, at Nong Nooch, was near enough for a brief visit.

These centres originally developed because, 20 years ago, logging by elephants was outlawed in Thailand and all the domesticated elephants suddenly found themselves out of work.

He had a creative ability because I never influenced the position of his lines and he himself made all the decisions about where each mark should go.