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Sy uzeit not updating

sy uzeit not updating-52

I'm using FM BAPI_PO_CHANGE to delete item and create new item.

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Is there a function module I can use to update the action code instead? My requirement is to make this version tick as completed. If i pass with some value, it will overwrite with new version created with this FM. ABAP System Fields sy-datlo Date in the current user's time zone. The time zone on which the local time of an AS ABAP is based is the only entry in the database table TTZCU. Because this happens on all application servers in an AS ABAP the ABAP runtime environment clock is synchronous with the clocks on all other application servers and with the database system clock, and thus shows the local time of the entire AS ABAP. During the synchronization process, the ABAP runtime environment clock is set to the database server clock.

The ABAP runtime environment clock is synchronized with the database server clock at regular intervals in order to calculate the local time of an AS ABAP.


Information in ta_allversion using BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL1.

*---------------------------------------------------------------------* * FORM WHEN_FINISHED * *---------------------------------------------------------------------* * ........ * Trigger an event to run the at user-command SET USER-COMMAND 'FCT_R'.

*"---------------------------------------------------------------------- *"*"Local interface: *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- CALL FUNCTION 'ENQUE_SLEEP' EXPORTING SECONDS = 10.

2) Enhance vendor API class VMD_EI_API to process and update custom fields.