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Taylor cole dating 2016

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This strong lady married twice, but sadly both of her marriage ended with divorce.

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Of course, Tay’s famous friends like Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne will get invites, but for the most part, “they don’t want to have some elaborate ceremony with hundreds of people they barely know,” Although Taylor and Calvin have been pretty low-key for most of their relationship, they haven’t been shy about flaunting things recently.After graduation, she worked as a school teacher and did a part-time job as a model.However, she wants to become a singer and ultimately she resigned both jobs and dedicated her life for music.The religious and moral values of her family were very high.At 13, her father died, and in the following year she participated in gospel choir. Thereafter, she received her graduation degree from Texas University.Carolyn Jean, Adams mother was a pianist during her college times and Major was her father.

She has an American citizenship but has an African background as her parents are Black American.

Years later she married to second husband , who was a NFL player.

Couple gave birth to a baby girl named Taylor Adams Crawford.

Do you think Taylor and Calvin will actually get married, Hollywood Lifers?

Bethany is a 36-year-old publicist who lives in Yorkville.

During the early years of marriage, both were starred in public places as a happily married couple. Most of sources declare that Adam was enormously harassed by her husband while making another child to be miscarriage.