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Technology and dating articles

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Unfortunately, the deep integration of technology into our lives can also be problematic.RELATED: 9 Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina That same survey also showed that the most common challenges stemming from technology in relationships were distancing issues, trust issues, and lack of clarity in messages.

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This may have us missing out on more successful alternatives.The balance between becoming too dependent on technology versus missing out on its perks is one we have yet to figure out.Although many people use online dating, mobile dating apps, and all kinds of basic technologies in their relationships, the human love life happens to be extremely difficult to study.Part of the problem may be that online dating doesn't do enough to shake up the way we choose our dates."Online dating is giving us the potential to interact with people who are so different from us and yet people are selecting people who are more similar to them," says Coye Cheshire, professor in the School of Information at UC Berkeley.So only going out of your comfort zone to hit up attractive people is not the wisest move in the long run.

For those who do successfully use tech-driven dating to find a long-term partner — 23 percent of online daters according to the Pew Research Center — technology likely continues to be a part of their love life, albeit in a different way.

"There's lots of evidence that people who are dissimilar in a lot of ways can have higher relationship satisfaction," says Coye.

He even says that some dating platforms — whether out in the open or not — may soon be experimenting with matching processes that make dissimilar people more likely to find each other. Interestingly enough, the one place people are often willing to go out of their comfort zone is in the looks department.

"Essentially, the very desirable people tend to do very well in online dating formats, not too surprisingly," says Eastwick.

His own work has shown that over time, the initial traits that people find attractive in others — like looks, charisma, and success — lose a lot of their value while the things that make people unique — like their favorite book or movies — become more important.

Spira is also adamant that people make a profile that properly represents them."Describe who you are today. There are plenty of people who intentionally lie on their profiles — women often lie about their weight and age, men are more likely to fudge on their height and income — but what Spira emphasizes is a little different.