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I'd rather not have a woman in my life if all she is interested in is my wallet and is incredibly materialistic.I have no desire of what's in her bank either, as long as the bills are paid, people are fed and try to stay out of debt, then nobody is losing.

Mod: Stealthfins, your post was unfounded, inappropriate and against the forum charter. The country is full of guy's who were dumped during the aftermath of the Celtic Tiger because they ended up unemployed.Making it through 3 years of illness and possibly treatment severe enough to render her unable to work probably means she has plenty strong resolve.The fact that she's now looking for something, trying to date also points to that.The country is full of guy's who were dumped during the aftermath of the Celtic Tiger because they ended up unemployed.The odd thing is these brats or princesses thought some knob would sweep them off their feet and supply them with the lifestyle their exe hubby provided them with. Over in the UK you'll see old money horsey toffs dating average guys who may be landscape gardener's, tree surgeon's or have some sort of craft trade.Guys aren't as shallow in general where money and relationships are concerned.

I don't think I could date someone who hadn't worked in years.

I met far more mix matched Protestant and Church of Ireland couples than Catholic's that's for sure.

Here in this country you have women who expects guy to be throwing up the cash.

Jesus like, almost paints all unemployed men as some sort of slob sitting on the couch in a stained white vest all day.

(If that's the case here in Ireland, don't let rip into me over it as I'm only basing it off that statistic I saw) but to me this figure 75% of women who think this way are stuck up their own hole then as youth unemployment is still rampant.

I have never looked for much from any partner, in fact when I was skint in my last 2 relationships it was more or less me spending my money on them, only because I'm the generous sort, always have been, never asked anything of my partner/s but I wanted companionship and their time and respect.