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The year 2000 saw Holmes feature in two film roles.

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Inclusion in the directory does not imply endorsement nor does exclusion imply disapproval.This information was compiled and the directory published and distributed by the Human Trafficking & Social Justice Institute at the University of Toledo, United Way of Greater Toledo, and the Lucas County Human Trafficking an American actress, model, and filmmaker who first achieved fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB television teen drama Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003.She appeared in 1998's Disturbing Behavior, a thriller, which won her an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance.In 2000 Holmes featured in Wonder Boys which got positive attention from many leading critics.Her marriage to actor Tom Cruise At age 14, she began classes at a modeling school in Toledo which led her to the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Competition held in New York City in 1996. I've got other commitments.'" The producers permitted her to audition on videotape.

Eventually, Holmes was signed to an agent after performing a monologue from To Kill a Mockingbird. Holmes read for the part of Joey Potter, the tomboy best friend of the title character Dawson, on a videotape shot in her basement, her mother reading Dawson's lines.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote her character, Rachel, "dresses in black and likes to strike poses on the beds of pickup trucks and is a bad girl who is in great danger of becoming a very good one." Despite the fact that it received mixed reviews and was not a huge financial success, the actress won a MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance for the role and also received a Saturn Award nomination for the part.

Holmes, though, said the film was "just horrible." The film received excellent reviews and made a profit, and Holmes herself was liked by critics. Tingle, which he wrote and directed, Holmes played a straight-A student whose vindictive teacher (Helen Mirren) threatens to keep her from a desperately needed scholarship.

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