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Travis pastrana dating jolene

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He and his team of dirt-bike riding, high-flying, base-jumping thrill-seekers wowed an audience of thousands at the Wells Fargo Center (3601 S.

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This week, she'll undergo full reconstruction of her orbital socket so that she can fully see again out of her left eye.Jolene Joanna Van Vugt was born in London, Ontario Canada in 1980 to Dutch immigrant parents Bill and Tina.Youngest to sister Michelle and brother Billy, she grew up heavily influenced by her Father Bill, a young at heart avid motocross racer.* Whoopi Goldberg and Peter Cetera performed at the Valley Forge Casino Resort (1160 1st Ave., King of Prussia) over the weekend.Whoopi did stand-up on Saturday and Cetera sang some Chicago hits yesterday.At the age of 35 Jolene Van Vugt has established herself as one of the most accomplished female athletes in action sports today.

Her incredible and ongoing lists of accomplishments include becoming the first CMRC Women’s Canadian Motocross National Champion, first female to backflip a full-sized dirt bike, holder of multiple Guinness World Records, and co-star of many motocross/stunt videos.

Not only for her racing efforts but also for her accomplishment of being the first female to backflip a full-sized dirt bike over 60 ft ramp to dirt.

With guidance and lessons from her friend Travis Pastrana she had learned the backflip a year before, first on a smaller 110cc play bike, than a month latter on her RM125.

* Friday was the NAACP Philly branch's annual awards gala.

It was at the First District AME Plaza (3801 Market St.), and comedian and human-rights activist Dick Gregory was the keynote speaker and recipient of the NAACP President's Award.

The milestone backflips and other stunts performed at the Pastrana compound would be featured in the popular Nitro Circus video series, and open many doors for the young talent.