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Unrestricted adult chat line

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Contact Third Parent any time for help and resources for monitoring child and teen internet activity. We have custom solutions for monitoring dangerous or inappropriate activity. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more news and information on keeping your teens safe online.

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First of all, kudos to Kik for responding to our questions.They were nice enough to get back to me and as follows are my questions and their answers: Q: Am I correct in assuming that the message I got was spam and in no way affiliated with Kik? The ignore/report spam features are implemented for this type of use case, and honestly, most other apps similar to Kik don’t have these.We do review all accounts that are reported as spam and remove all accounts determined [to be] spam from Kik. A: Kik has safety features in place that protect users’ identity.The bottom line is that as soon as your teen or tween has unrestricted access to a smartphone, it is impossible to prevent all spam, and potentially abuse, in 100% of cases.Messaging apps are no exception, but for now we agree with Kik’s assertion that this messaging platform is indeed safer for young users than much of their competition.This instantly terminates any undesired contact from another user on Kik.

For context, on a weekly basis, Kik receives complaints about harassment, spam, or inappropriate contact/content on Kik from 0.0014% of our users. Do you know how they are targeting user accounts or even figuring out user names?

After we first became aware of it last year, we wrote a post that touched on the adult spam problem at Kik, titled, “The Kik app is definitely not for kids.” Today we’re revisiting the topic with a little help from Kik.

If you’re not familiar with Kik, it is one of many messaging apps that smartphone users, especially younger folks, tend to use instead of their phone’s SMS feature.

Users have the option to reply, delete, block or report a new person right from the message.

“Block” allows users to block any and all contact with another user, without revealing to the other user that they’ve been blocked.

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