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Updating access form

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To avoid being prompted when you run such queries, on the Tools menu, click Options, then click the Edit/Find tab. Then do one or more of the following: To see which fields will be updated by the query, see the names in the Field row in the design grid.The Table row shows the name of the table that contains the field.

This is especially true if there are two or more tables involved in the update process.After making entries, when you try to close the query editor, you will be asked whether you want to save and you may give a name to the query.Queries in the main screen of the access file can be easily identified as they are shown with different types of icons.Using the procedure discussed in the tutorial, a Test Product Qry was created using the following SQL View of the Make Table query.Test Product Qry The above query was run which created the Test Products table.This tutorial shows various ways you can update the record in a single table.

Future articles will consider cases where more than one table may be involved.

In general data may be updatable, updatable under certain conditions, or not updatable at all.

Please read the Microsoft KB article link provided at the conclusion of this tutorial.

You may also look at the SQL View of the query which is shown in the next paragraph.

The value that exists before the Update Query is executed is shown in the next picture .

This article uses a table created out of choosing only a few columns from a table in the Northwind database to keep the discussion simple without compromising the concept.