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Updating pes 2016

updating pes 2016-53

Initially, it was expected that the PES 2016 squad update would arrive in time for the European launch (Thursday) or the UK release (today).

It is the fifteenth edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series and marks PES Productions' 20th year of producing football games.Players can manually alter squads, thanks to the game’s excellent edit mode – but it is not yet known how these potential changes will be affected by the proper title update.Though the online element is yet to be tested, the offline portion of PES 2016 has been praised to the hilt.With PES 2016, it appears the developers are prioritising the online stability ahead of more ‘superficial’ elements.However the lack of a PES 2016 squad update is really disappointing.By many accounts (including this writer), this is the best football gaming experience since PES 5 on PS2.

Konami’s latest and (arguably) greatest currently has an average review score of 86 (as per Metacritic) – placing it higher than both its predecessor and FIFA 15 (82).

It is not unusual for game discs to be pressed early with a ‘day one’ update in mind, but to have the current squads – an integral part of any new football game – absent will leave many fans disappointed over the weekend.

Last year, PES 2015 suffered a myriad of online issues at launch – again, not dissimilar to many big titles on PS4 and Xbox One – but the correct squads were available by release day.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, one of the year's best-reviewed sports video games, nonetheless has taken a harsh beating for its handling of the rosters that support the game's offline modes. 17 without accurate rosters reflecting the summer transfer period in Europe. 29 to roll out its first data pack with updated offline rosters — yet they still didn't include all of the player transfers.

Top players such as Manchester United's Anthony Martial have yet to be listed with their proper clubs.

Additional shoe and ball styles will be introduced, as well as entrance sequences specific to the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana tournaments available in the game.