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Bit of de ja vous with Verizon Wireless - nearly the same amount. If it succeeds VOD will be in receipt of a fair amount of dividends in the mid term, assuming a success is made of it. It remains to be seen whether the reports (if true) of feverish activity in the executive suite at HQ were related to merely the Indian deal... I am inclined to think not, to the former, with such negotiations more likely to be located on the sub-continent, in large part... As for Ambani not being interested in making money. Grab market share and worry about profits later more like. We can have a merger in India and likewise we could have a merger of Voda's European assets with Liberty or whoever.

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Of note, the deal puts a value of 6.3-6.4x EV/EBITDA on the new Indian biz, which is pretty much adjacent to the current VOD group multiple (current year, soon to be reported) - so no real latent value story there.Cheers Frog in a tree Eadwig, "from a bloke not motivated by making money, as I understand it." I wonder whether the fact that Ambani is supposedly the richest man in India has anything to do with his not being motivated by making money LOL?Have you seen the pictures of the feller's house in Bombay? It'll all end badly for Mukesh, mark my words,, the fundamental metrics have NOT deteriorated... Not if you properly compare the recent period to the pre-2014 (ie. And not if you put into accurate context the current year's £5bn write-off of Indian carrying asset value - an entirely non-cash accounting issue, of course, which would perhaps to be of more relevance if the market put any weight on the inflated reported asset base.VOD trades at 0.84x last year's reported NAV - against a market average of some 3-4x.Anyway, good comms have to be part of that development.

Cheers, Frog in a tree My Hobby, "For the Board to deal with2 mergers and the implied integration issues simultaneously is quite a lot." Ach, it's just a walk in the park, m8. a few transmission towers and someone to keep tabs on the punters' calls and send out the bills. Today the Indian deal, tomorrow (or mebbe next week) the Malone piece of paper. LKH on the flybridge tracking steadily north east, supremely confident So the esteemed consensus here is that the India merger is independent of any possible Liberty merger. For the Board to deal with2 mergers and the implied integration issues simultaneously is quite a lot.

is a safe buy on dips candidate and offers the comfort of an attractive 5.77% dividend yield. The average rating on is at 2.5 on a scale of 1-5 where 1 reads as sell and 5 reads as buy.

In today’s technical analysis article, I will discuss that the stock has formed a near-term bottom and provide additional information which could prove to be immensely helpful in times of market turmoil." I suppose it's inevitable we get more bullish commentary when the stock hits 210p than we ever saw at 190p... This may be because the company’s fundamental metrics have deteriorated over the trailing twelve months as compared to the industry.

@LKH - followed your musings on the Unilever board, looks like you made a good entry point on VOD Mikey "So. The PE is worryingly high and presumably we have to wait for sales to increase substantially to bring it down to normal levels.

Does this India merger put a cosh on any notion of a Liberty tie-up? So a bit of a wait and see, losing no sleep, I rate as a WEAK BUY.

" Not according to some guru interviewed on the BBC earlier.