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What does updating my graphics driver do

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On April 25th, the newest version of one of the most popular Linux distributions was released -- Ubuntu 13.04, codenamed "Raring Ringtail".

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Manufacturers usually release new drivers frequently to keep their products updated and add new features. Then open up the tabs: The drivers you want to update: Once you know the drivers, google any with the manufacturer such as nvidia driver and then bookmark the link in a folder.Ubuntu and other Linux distributions use open source drivers to make them work.But what’s the difference between the two, and how do you install the proprietary driver in Ubuntu if you decide to use it?With the proprietary AMD graphics driver, you have to wait for AMD to respond and solve the issue.Most of the time, picking the proprietary drivers is the best option for the best performance and energy savings, especially if you are a gamer or otherwise have high graphics requirements.Discover more about drivers and why you should install this application.

NOTE: this application does not support older versions of Internet Explorer.

Additionally, power management is also much better with the proprietary driver.

However, if there is an issue with the driver, Ubuntu developers can easily fix the problem themselves and push the update to your computer.

Once the download completes, extract the file from the file, and then open up the Properties to the file and enable the file to be run as an executable.

Proprietary drivers really can help in the long run, and AMD’s drivers have always been a little bit tricky to deal with under Linux.

Performance is also usually improved, so it is absolutely vital to keep all your drivers updated. GUIDELINES: FINDING & UPDATING DRIVERS: Finding drivers is usually easy. Download the drivers and then reboot after each one.