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Who is alex o loughlin dating now

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Who wouldn't when you're stuck with a guy like that?

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Here are the links to the stories we did on the subject of his hair and possible receding hairline(Alex never married Saxon’s mother, and the boy grew up with her in Australia until he moved to Hawaii in December 2011 to live with Alex.Whenever he is seen shirtless as Steve, they cover both the tattoos above his nipples and also his lower back tattoo with make-up.Some confusion came from the 2 episodes in Season 1 of Hawaii Five-0, when he was wearing a temporary cast on his left arm while shooting, as part of the story of him falling off a cliff and breaking his arm.For certain scenes in Episode 320, his hair was shaved into a buzz-cut and for other scenes in the episode and for the duration of Episode he did wear a wig.Luckily from the next episode onwards, they incorporated his buzz-cut into the show.: Together with the question about the toupee, people always want to suggest that Alex’s hair is thinning.: Yes, most of Alex’s tattoos are covered while he is Steve Mc Garrett.

The only ones that are left visible when shooting the show, are his bicep tattoos.

O'Loughlin joined the cast of The Shield in 2007 as Detective Kevin Hiatt, the newest member of the strike team.

In 2005, he screen-tested for the movie role of James Bond. I had tuxedos and suits cut for it and hair cuts." The filming of Moonlight was interrupted by the Hollywood writers strike.

Some of his TV credits include roles in Black Jack: Sweet Science, Love Bytes and White Collar Blue.

He later appeared in Man-Thing, Feed, and in the Australian mini-series The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, for which he was nominated as Best Lead Actor in Television from the Australian Film Institute Awards in 2005 and as Most Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series from the Logie Awards in 2006.

WATCH: Legends Carol Burnett and Frankie Vallie Get Married on ' Hawaii Five-0' The new woman in his life is the fun-loving, outdoorsy, carefree spirit, Lynn Downey (Sarah Carter), whom the Aussie star describes as "the perfect match for Mc Garrett." Now high praise!