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Who is colbie caillat dating

But she did explain how they fell in love: “There was this guy, this musician friend of mine and I was just friends with him. “Then I was like, ‘maybe this could work, I’m kind of falling for him.'” And, since they spend so much time traveling and performing together, it made things easier.

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But the 31-year-old singer has no qualms about mixing business with pleasure. He joined my band and we didn't start dating for two years after that," she recalled. "I like being with my person all the time." As for that upcoming album, , Caillat likens it to her first record, 2007's Coco, which featured her first hit song, "Bubbly." "I actually wrote this album, like, four years ago and recorded it three years ago," she said. I started my own label so I could put it out on my own and do it my way. The album is just really relaxed, carefree, sunny, organic." To hear about Young's Friends-themed proposal story, check out the video below!The "Goldmine" singer got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Justin Young, in May of last year, but told ET's Sophie Schillaci during a chat on Facebook Live that she isn't planning to walk down the aisle in some extravagant ceremony."We actually don't want to have a ceremony where we're saying stuff in front of people," Caillat said, revealing the duo are both "super introverts." "It was stressing us out feeling like we had to do another show, another set time, 'cause that's what every day is. We might just go randomly do it somewhere on a getaway trip." PHOTOS: Size Does Matter: The Biggest and Best Celebrity Engagement Rings Caillat and Young have written a number of songs together.Colbie Caillat took to social media one day after she turned 30 to share her exciting news: Caillat’s longtime boyfriend, Justin Young, asked Caillat to marry him. The caption below the photo read: "This sweet man asked me to be his lobster... Caillat made the announcement Friday via Instagram and Facebook, where she posted a photo of herself and Young standing together aboard a boat in Bermuda.The scene is iconic in "Friends" history, and in referencing the episode, Caillat once again showcases her personality and sense of humor.

She doesn’t explain the reference in her caption, instead trusting that her fans and followers would make the connection on their own.

“I didn’t know what it was like to be in love with your best friend,” Colbie dished to Hollywood exclusively May 23 at VH1’s Save The Music Summer Kick-Off at the W in Hoboken, N. ” Colbie couldn’t help but talk about Justin the majority of the time, though she refused to give us his name (we figured out who her bf was when the two sang on stage together): “He’s a musician.

We don’t talk about it, but it’s not a secret really,” she said.

“It was like oh my oh my God, I have known you for this long and I’m falling in love with every little thing that you do — how he interacts with people, he’s really healthy mentally and physically, he wants to help the environment and he wants to be a vegetarian — stuff like that.

He’s just a beautiful person.” “Most of [my third album] is about him,” she told us.

And I said yes." Caillat’s caption shows that she’s not only a successful pop singer, but she’s also a fan of the sitcom "Friends." During an episode that aired in 1996 called "The One With The Prom Video", the eccentric Phoebe assures Ross that he and Rachel will end up together in the end.