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Who is constantine from the bachelorette dating

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He tells Ashley the prognosis was that he’s “totally in love,” which is cute, but that he really just has a mild concussion.

As the duo go about painting their “love wishes” on the lantern, meant to be released later that evening, Ashley can’t help her surprise at Constantine’s gusto.We’ve finally moved past the drama of Bentley and our group of lovers has traveled to Taiwan.Chris Harrison greets the remaining six guys in Taipei, telling them that their time there marks a “very important week.” Silly Chris, don’t you realize that all the weeks are important?Or maybe he just wants to get this show on the road so he can make time for the big Emily interview that ABC has been promising. They clearly aren’t happy with the limited roses, especially JP.He’s particularly jealous and is showing a possessive side for the first time.Moreover, there will only be one Safety Rose to give out (at the group date) so Ashley won’t be able to give them out willy-nilly as she has in the past.

Perhaps Chris Harrison has realized that Ashley hasn’t been treating the roses with the respect that they deserve and is trying to rein her in.

The guys head off to Chiang Mai, Thailand and meet Chris Harrison at a giant, gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Harrison informs them this week is the first two-on-one date – two men enter, one man leaves. Ben F.’s Date Ben the Winemaker gets the solo date. As they walk away, Ashley brings up what William said (she rats William out in a thinly veiled way) and Ben denies it, says it was a betrayal on the part of the person who told her and that he was “kidding around.” Hmm. He floats away into the jungle, which at least he wasn’t left on a glacier or in the Canadian Rockies to get eaten by bears. She also just keeps talking about freaking Bentley. Chris says he’ll do whatever he can to make something happen for Ashley.

They go to a marketplace, then visit a temple and Ashley tells Ben they can’t kiss there because it’s a sacred temple. Ashley says the sexual tension made her want to jump on him. Guess that was not properly conveyed to us viewers. The Group Date is Muay Thai fight training and then actual fights in a ring. So did Ben joke in such a way that the guys could tell he was kinda being serious? Back at the Bachelor Villa, the guys are stunned that Ben is gone. Cocktail Party Ashley calls the guys together and tells them to just to honest and true to themselves. confesses to being jealous of her taking Ben out on a one-on-one. Like they haven’t had Bentley with them the whole time, stowed away in a suitcase or something.

unleashes the beast and just starts wailing on Mickey. Ashley is starting to be a bit uneasy about this date and now it’s Ames vs. Lots of guys take their alone time during the night portion of the date and nothing really notable happens. Nick says he’s “devastated” and he and Ashley were headed for love. Next week: Bentley Returns In the last minute, they tease us once again that Bentley is back, as Ashley and the guys kick it in Hong Kong. Can’t wait for all the drama, especially because Ashley needs to feel some wrath.

Yeah, he’ll feel kinda yucky for a day or so, but he’s alright.

He then takes his alone time and starts with, “I’m not throwing the guy under the bus or anything,” which means, “I’m about to throw this guy under the bus.” He says Ben is ready to leave and has started thinking about how successful he’s going to be on the dating websites after being on this show. I would believe it of some of the guys, but maybe not Ben. In the back of my head, it sits there and I try to repress it and my head tries to forget about it, but my heart always goes back to it.