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Who is sarah symonds dating

The litany of errant, family-loving public figures is endless, from John Prescott to Jude Law and Ronnie Wood to Chris Tarrant.

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"More people want to have sex with them," he observed.Even worse, it may have fallen into a strangers hands!In a recent interview, Symonds explained: Tags: affair, gordon ramsay, hacking, married man, mistress, news of the world, richard murdoch, sarah symonds, sex tape And here we go again! Sarah Symonds, who is allegedly a former mistress of Gordon Ramsay, is set to expose her affair with the chef in a tell-all book called “Gordon’s time was always so limited when we met, so there was a reason why I called him ‘Flash Gordon’ in the bedroom. I also plan to expose the truth about my appearance on the finale, which was filmed during the period that I was having an affair with Gordon, that he has since denied inviting me to. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may or may not have gotten married in secret, but it's beginning to look like they're taking that next step either way.It seems there are some decent single guys out there you know, and I'm finding it so much fun to actually date a guy without having to 'worry what time he has to be home!! This week I have met a Cancer Doctor and a Vampire (If only I could roll them both into one, LOL) so watch this's gonna happen :-)On another note, check out this story that was in the Fabulous Magazine last Sunday.Fabulous is the Sunday Magazine of the News of the World Newspaper and it really IS fabulous.Gordon Ramsay may have thought the worst of his sex scandal was behind him, but not if a tape of him boning Sarah Symonds hits the internet!

The celebrity chef's former mistress has revealed that the two did, in fact, make a sex tape.

And yet, if the reported details of the long liaison between Mr Family Man and Miss Infidelity Expert are to be believed, there are worse examples of self-abasement for the Other Woman than getting out the Stergene bottle and indulging in a spot of hand-washing.

She may, for instance, have to pop down to the local sex shop for an ampoule of the well-known muscle relaxant and stimulant, amyl nitrate.

She mused: "If I could change one thing about Gordon…

it would probably be for us to have more time together.

I am transforming and trying to self-improve myself every day.