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Who was anthony kiedis dating in 2016

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His father is also known by Blackie Dammett who is also an actor.After marriage his father continues to cheat his mother several times.

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But after some time he persuaded his mother that he wants to live with his father, “Peggy” agreed and then he started living with his father. His father John Michael Kiedis rose up in a strict family of Dutch and he was persuade to attend the church several times in a week. His grandfather Sony Bano was belonged to Lithunia while his grandmother had some characteristics of Indian heritage.Thus After the three years of marriage couple got separated.After this he started living with his mother along the two half sisters from the mother side with the step father in Grand Rapids.He’s battled drug addiction, popularized tribal tattoos, dated a string of gorgeous models and actresses, loved the L. Lakers and helped define alt rock and all in just 50-plus years of age.

We’ve rounded up 10 intriguing facts about Anthony Kiedis, who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1962.

During living with his father he started using the drugs, cocaine, heroin and Quaaludes.

Due to excessive usage of drugs he dropped from the university. Like his enjoyable professional life he also spend a colorful relationship, every time romance with pretty teenager.

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The best part is watching the ladies fall on their asses and get cut up, scraped, and bruised — only to pour beer on their wounds and keep on riding.

Kiedis’ father Blackie Dammett was an actor who was friends with Sonny Bono and his former (and famous) wife, Cher.