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With the exception of the data I dug up, Meredith has not shown any Red Flags and has been submissive and accepting of my advances.She has gone on every date out of the five I’ve asked her on.

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I find it surprising that Meredith is taken with me, as I am generally very assertive and dominant and women can sometimes be slightly intimidated by me since I work in a high powered finance job.All you have to do is say yes to whatever she brings up, then just change the subject.Now, why in the world would a girl who likes going to bed with the entire soccer team want to brag about it? But again, Do you get lunch out at least once a week?By the time she’s 25 or 26, hopefully she’ll have outgrown this juvenile behavior. If you continue to see Meredith for a year, hopefully she’ll stop bragging about going to bed with the entire football team.Meredith isn’t intimidated by you, I hate to tell you, Herbert. She’s with you now, she’s not sleeping with anyone else, and she’s not voting for Hillary.Like my cousin Rabbi Love says, “Because of the internet, everyone knows what everyone else is up to nowadays.” The last thing you want is to hear something like, “Hey, Herb, I hear you’re in love with the town tramp!

” One major reason for Meredith’s big mouth when it comes to her sex life is that she’s just 22. says, “Lots of girls between 18 and 22 like to get around.”I understand why you’d want to end it with Meredith, but if I were you I would date Meredith as well as other women .

Herbert - who’s never faced anything like it before. Otherwise, everything you’ve been doing with Meredith has been perfect.

Now, Meredith might have all kinds of feminist propaganda in her head that you don’t like, , which is the most important thing.

for a year now, which has massively improved my game.

I met Meredith, 22 and a perfect “10” and asked her out. She even told me that she thinks I am cute and that she finds men from my country attractive (I am English and she is American).

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