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Zachary and kristen dating

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Nikki is so sweet, and she loves to laugh at my jokes! She is always there whenever I need something, and if she can't do it, she will find someone who can.She is very dependable and loves to get things done (which has been really helpful during this wedding process).

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He puts off a tough exterior, but once you get to know him, he is very caring and supportive.The year of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 have consisted of planning for the wedding, finishing our last year of college, and working. Zach will have his Bachelor's degree in Middle Childhood Education, where he will be licensed to teach Science and Social Studies.Kristen will have her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, where she will be licensed to teach all subjects to young children.I love spending my time with her and her family because we are always laughing and making memories. She laughs at everything, loves to play board games, and she loves hanging out with me and her Uncle Zach.I'll never forget how excited she was when she found out I would be her aunt.We are very excited to graduate and see where our degrees take us, and we are even more excited to share our big day with all of you. We became inseparable when Zach and I moved to Toledo, and I have always been able to count on her.

Although she moved nine hours away, we still manage to make each other a top priority.

It is a blessing that we are still friends, and I always have someone I can count on.

I met Mary my junior year of college, and we instantly clicked. She is always a phone call away, and she always knows if something is wrong.

Kristen started at Owens Community College, and Zach transferred to The University of Toledo.

We moved to a few different places throughout Toledo, while gaining two dogs and new friendships.

On December 19, 2014, Zach proposed to Kristen by wrapping the ring in a large, heavy box to throw her off.